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Our company is one of the high/tech  enterprises founded in 2010, is responsible for the  research, development, production and sales of  chemical products like food emulsifier,  preservatives, phosphate, plastic additive, among  others. Our products are widely use in food,  plastic, cosmetics and other fields. For us, the  most important are our customers, and we always  have good relations based on trust and  commitment. We believe in the policy of  "entrepreneurship and rigorous unit", we are willing  to discover new trails, with an advanced  technology, we offer the highest quality products  thinking in our clients and its quality of life and we  have a rigorous Chain of Production, paying  attention to the details of manufacturing,  distribution, trading and after-sales services. We  believe in the Chinese market and its expansion  throughout the world, so our company have high  participation in fairs and exhibitions in China and  abroad. We use the e-commerce and other tools to  expand our horizons in the foreign market, with  good quality and service we are making export  business with Europe, America (north, middle and  south), Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa among  others areas.